About Us

NeuWave Medical® Inc., was founded by physicians and microwave scientists who believed in a better way to help physicians and their patients.  Everything we do is based on providing clinically relevant technology that improves patient outcomes, is physician-friendly and improves economics for healthcare organizations. 

NeuWave is focused on meaningful clinical innovation and product differentiation to drive better patient outcomes and business success. 


NeuWave's Certus® 140 Microwave Ablation System was designed to be the premier ablation system worldwide.  It embodies clinical innovation and has been adopted by top cancer centers across the country for the unique advantages that it provides both patients and physicians.  

Microwave energy is a platform that will continue to provide new innovative solutions for physicians and patients in multiple care areas.

NeuWave News

Awarded Grant
NeuWave Medical awarded $2 Million.

Exciting News
NeuWave Medical voted 2010 Top companies to watch.

Certus 140
Certus 140 2.45GHz Ablation System Press Release.

UW Radiology
UW Radiology Department.