Certus 140 Features & Benefits

Revolutionary Ablation Power... 

  • 195W is the highest total power microwave device available, used for creating ablations fast.

  • Multi-channel: up to three probes can be activated simultaneously, for larger ablations 

  • All antenna are powered by a single source, energy is "in phase" for optimal thermal synergy.

  • Patented triaxial antenna provides >99% efficient power deposition2 into specific vascular and non-vascular tissue.


Yet Control...

  • Power & time for each channel can be controlled independently, real-time during procedure.

  • Certus probes are tissue-tuned for different tissue types and types of ablation zones (smaller, tip-weighted or larger ablations)

  • Three thermocouples on each probe provide temperature feedback monitoring for increased patient and physician safety.


With the Only Gas-Cooled Microwave System

Gas cooling enables...

  • Tissu-LocTM technology to "stick" the probe to tissue during probe placement phase, reducing the risk of probe migration.

  • 17 gauge probes that are the smallest microwave applicators available, providing a minimally invasive patient experience.

  • Energy that is focused at the tip of the probe and limiting the migration of heat / microwave energy up the probe shaft during ablation.  The result is a maximized ablation zone, plus reduced  "comet tail effect" and proximal tissue damage.


1. Sun, et al. Comparison of temperature curve and ablation zone between 915- and 2450-MHz cooled-shaft microwave antenna: Results in ex vivo porcine livers. European Journal of Radiology. 2011.  2. Christopher L. Brace et al., Microwave Ablation With a Triaxial Antenna: Results in ex vivo Bovine Liver IEEE Trans Microw Theory Tech. 2005 January; 53(1): 215–220.