Certus Probe Family

Certus® 140 Ablation Probes use proprietary technology to meet clinical needs and help ensure patient safety.  A patented Triaxial antenna design enables microwave energy to be delivered into the tissue while power reflected up the antenna shaft is minimized, facilitating safe and effective use of higher powers.  NeuWave continues to innovate and expand our probe family for both percutaneous and surgical applications. 


CertusLK, CertusLN and CertusSR Probes

Percutaneous probes are a minimally invasive, available in sizes as small as 17 gauge, to help minimize the risk of complications during probe placement. NeuWave probes are specially designed to be highly visible under CT and Ultrasound to assist with placement in the target tissue. Percutaneous probes are optimized by tissue type to maximize the delivery of microwave energy.  Percutaneous probes are available in both CertusLK and CertusLN models. The CertusLK is optimized for Liver or Kidney tissue. The LN models are optimized for Lung tissue. The CertusSR probe offers more length and a 13 gauge cannula size, it is built with extra rigidity and allows for better access deeper in the body cavity. Surgeons will implement this probe for laparoscopic use without the need for a laparoscopic port. 

Download a Power & Time guide for these probes.


CertusPR Probe

The Certus Precision™ probes enable physicians to ablate smaller lesions while limiting necrosis of the adjacent tissue.  The ablation zone growth pattern for the CertusPR is unique compared to the other probes. CertusPR probes are designed to produce ablations that quickly encompass the tip of the probe. The ablation zone then grows in width and length away from the tip, while never growing too far past the tip, limiting the overall length of the ablation.    

Click to view a video of the CertusPR ablation zone growth.


CertuSurgGT Surgical Tool

The CertuSurgGT Surgical tool is designed to produce focal, rapid coagulation of soft tissue in open surgical applications, including planar coagulation performed prior to tissue resection. The CertuSurgGT offers an ergonomic design, hand-held convenience and a finger activated power delivery mechanism. With a 6 cm, 17 gauge cannula and a generous cable length of more than 9 feet, surgeons are certain to get the control they demand.

-   Hand held device - physician control of energy delivery.
-   9.5 foot cable - ease of set up and access in the OR
-   High Power 110 W Setting - produce rapid areas of coagulation.
-   17 gauge antenna size - sized to produce focal ablations.
-   Forward weighted antenna - coagulation at the tip in ~10 seconds offers a dryer surgical field.
-   Flexible power delivery settings - for controlled lateral thermal spread.

Read more about the CertuSurgGT Surgical Tool.