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Why Microwave?

Introduction to Certus 140NeuWave Medical® is strongly committed to supporting research collaborations with leading clinicians throughout the world. The Triaxial microwave antenna is the most extensively researched and characterized microwave ablation system, with a large body of peer-reviewed literature exploring all aspects of design and performance. NeuWave will continue to operate in an evidence-based manner when driving innovations aimed at improving clinical outcomes. Click here to view this video introduction to the Certus® 140 system. The remaining video segments will illustrate the system's exclusive features and how they provide physician and patient benefits.

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Recommended Papers

Recommended Papers

Research about microwave systems for ablation use in various indications can be found in these selected articles.

Sample Cases

Sample Cases

Medical professionals across the country have uploaded their ablation cases to the NeuWave Case portal.

What's Unique About Certus

Certus 140 is Unique

Purpose and passion led us to a system that enables physicians to treat an array of clinical situations, while maximizing patient benefits.

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