Certus® 140 Microwave Ablation System

The Certus® 140 2.45GHz Microwave Ablation System offers design, function and unique capabilities that make this the premier soft tissue ablation system worldwide. The Certus 140 is a platform product with expanding capabilities to be used in interventional or in surgical specialties.  Each component of the system was designed with a specific clinical need in mind from maximizing energy delivery into tissue, minimizing invasiveness, and providing an intuitive and ergonomic workflow. 

The Certus® is:

  • Highly Flexible - our family of probes enables small targets to be ablated rapidly with unique PrecisionTM probes, while simultaneous use of multiple probes can create large, custom-shaped ablations.  And our surgical tools bring the power, yet control of microwave to open ablations, laparoscopic ablations or planar coagulation to reduce surgical procedure blood loss. 

  • Physician Friendly - industry leading features and ergonomics provide clinical teams efficiency and decreased ablation times compared to other devices.

  • Minimally Invasive for Patients - offering the smallest diameter microwave probes, smaller than a typical needle used to draw blood.  Using microwave also eliminates the need for grounding pads which can lead to skin burns, as associated with other ablation technologies.