Surgical Capabilities

CertuSurgGT Surgical Tool

NeuWave is quickly expanding the Certus® capabilities to support Surgeons. The CertuSurgGT surgical tool is designed to produce focal, rapid coagulation of soft tissue in open surgical applications, including planar coagulation performed prior to tissue resection. The CertuSurgGT offers an ergonomic design, hand-held convenience and a finger activated power delivery mechanism.


•  Hand held device - physician fingertip control of energy delivery.
•  9.5 foot cable - ease of set up and access in the O.R.
•  High Power 110 W Setting - produces rapid areas of coagulation.
•  17 gauge antenna size - sized to produce focal ablations.
•  Forward weighted antenna - coagulation at the tip in ~10 seconds offers a dryer surgical field.
•  Flexible power delivery settings - for controlled lateral thermal spread.


Surgical Software & Planar Coagulation

The Certus® 140 offers an enhanced Surgical Software Platform.  With a convenient surgical mode, footswitch capabilities and high powered probe options this system offers effective and convenient surgical coagulation capabilities.

Surgical coagulation with this system involves using the probes to ablate / coagulate for shorter periods of time, while moving the probes frequently. This Planar Coagulation Technique (PCT), is used to create a plane of coagulated tissue through an organ prior to resection.

Using the Surgical Clip from NeuWave Medical (shown), a surgeon can hold two Certus probes with their cannulas in a parallel position, designed for convenient facilitation of the Planar Coagulation Technique.